Northern Ireland Coal Trade Association Limited

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Northern Ireland Coal Trade Association Limited (NICTAL) was formed in 2016 to promote the interests of the solid fuel industry in the province.

Its members include the major importers and distributors of solid fuel in Northern Ireland.

The main function of NICTAL is to provide a platform for its members to lobby Government and other statutory bodies on all matters relating to the promotion of solid fuel.

NICTAL Member Companies

NICTAL Members

Capper Trading Ltd.

Hayes Fuels

Lissan Coal Company

Useful Information

Users of solid fuel appliances should always follow the manufacturer`s instructions for the appropriate fuel to be burned and should adhere to the recommended servicing procedures. For further information and advice on specific fuels available contact one of NICTAL members shown on the Member Companies section.

Complaints relating to specific fuels should be taken up with the supplier or the importer who has been responsible for packing the bag. If this procedure does not resolve the problem the customer should take the matter further with the Consumer Council on their consumer complaints line number 0800 121 6022.
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Local councils have information about smoke free areas.

For chimney construction and other related technical matters contact Building Control.
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For Carbon monoxide awareness and CO alarms contact Health and Safety.
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Readers are reminded that chimneys should be swept at least once per year, twice if fire is in regular use. A useful contact here is NI Association of Chimney Sweeps.
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